Frequently Asked Questions


1. There are so many products on contract. I’m not sure what I’m looking for or what contractor I should contact. Where do I begin?​​

The Division of State Purchasing recommends contacting local servicing dealers in your area to begin your search or if you need assistance, especially if you are not sure what you need or if it’s a large project. Servicing dealers are the contractor’s representative and can provide answers quickly and accurately. If you have an idea of what you need, then you may want to search furniture items on the state term contract site, and then contact a servicing dealer to verify and confirm your order. The “Products List” is a guide to narrow your search and locate specific products and manufacturers.

2. I have a large furniture project, and I’ve never done this before. Do you have a checklist?

Yes, the “Instructions to Ordering Agency” is a guide for purchasing procedures and servicing dealer responsibilities.

3. What if I have a servicing dealer who states they are listed on the state term contract, but I can’t find their name?

Only the contract holder is listed on the state term contract and / or certification page. Contractors’ authorized dealers are subcontractors and will be listed on the contractor’s website. If a dealer is not listed on the Contractor’s website, the dealer will need to seek confirmation from the Contractor.

4. How do I verify whether a dealer is an approved dealer for a specific contractor?

Click on the highlighted contractor’s link to access their list of authorized dealers.

5. How do I find a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) on contract?

Click on the highlighted contractor’s link to access their list of authorized dealers. The dealer’s information should identify if they are a CBE and what certification they have.

6. How do I know where to submit an order to the contractor?

Visit the contractors’ Web page under this state term contract to view a table of current contractors. This table contains the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the contact where you should submit orders.

7. If I am placing a large order, can I get additional pricing discounts from the contractor?

For large single orders, the Division of State Purchasing encourages you to request additional discounts from the listed contract prices from the contractors. Although not required to provide additional discounts, contractors can pass on volume-based savings (e.g., shipping, handling) to buyers under the terms of the contract.

8. Is there a minimum order size for this contract?

Minimum (and maximum) order limits and sizes are determined by the contractor and their GSA contract. Specific information should be referenced on their price sheet and ordering instructions.

9. Does the contractor accept PCards (purchasing cards)?

Yes, the contractor(s) accepts PCards.

10. Does the contractor offer any early payment incentives?

The Division of State Purchasing has not negotiated early payment discounts as part of the standard terms and conditions of this contract. If you are interested and able to pay promptly, you should contact the contractor directly to see if they are willing to provide early payment discounts to you.

11. What should I do if I have an issue with the contractor?

If you are unable to resolve an issue with a contractor, you can contact the Contract Administrator listed for the contract on our website to explore additional options. These options include: complete a vendor performance survey online to document the issue, work with the Department of Management Services (DMS) to elevate the issue with the contractor representatives, or submit a vendor complaint that requires a formal response from the contractor.

12. Who do I contact in the Division of State Purchasing for additional help on how to use this contract?

If you have a question after reviewing these FAQs, contact the Contract Administrator listed for the contract online for additional assistance.

13. Who do I contact if I can get better pricing than the pricing listed on this state term contract?

The Division of State Purchasing recommends you contact the contractor to see if they will match the lower price under this contract. If they will not match the price, you may contact the Contract Administrator listed for this state term contract online and provide pricing details. This feedback helps us understand the pricing competitiveness of this state term contract.

14. What should I do if the products or services on this state term contract are also available on another statewide agreement?

If there is overlap of products or services across multiple statewide agreements, agency buyers are required to purchase from existing state term contracts if one exists. Eligible users are encouraged to purchase from the statewide agreement that provides the best value to their entity.